Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rumours of a wife for Gregory: Gregory Speaks out!

Well well, it's been a long time since I have posted as Mum has been too busy noticingthe naughtiness of her brand new class to notice my naughtiness! She says they have read my blog though and written their own animal blogs! All 60 of them inspired by me! Woo hoo!

Anyway , some of you may have heard from the rabbit forum Mum likes looking at (and hogging the computer to do so by the way!) that I will be getting a new wife soon. I can now officially confirm that this rumour is true. I have seen pictures of Twombly and she does look very pretty....but unfortunately my Mum says have to be going back to the vets on Thursday to have my bits chopped off before I can meet Twombly! I'm really not sure it's going to be worth that sacrifice....

Anyway, here's a picture of my bun to be, Twombly:


And here's one of my litter tray which Mum felt the need to email to the people who she is adopting Twombly from....I can't believe she embarrassed me by letting Twombly know that I have a pink toilet! This is something that I thought she should find out a little furthe ron in our relationship!


And last but not least, here (hopefully!) is a link to the website of the lovely rescue who have rescued Twombly for me! If you have a spare quid laying around, go and choose a bunny and give it a carrot!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, what a pretty lady!! She's definitely worth every bit of your bits!! You must be very excited! Does the name Twombly have a meaning behind it?

I'm sure you'll be able to charm her into overlooking the pink litter box :p

Anonymous said...

Oops, we forgot to wish you well for your little operation :D It'll be over before you know it! Hope you recover fast :)

Gregory said...

Apparently Twombly is the name of a famous artist - someone on the rabbits united forum picked it. Mum is thinking of changing it though - she likes bunnies who have hoomin names!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Twombly is a very beautiful lady. You are a lucky bun, Gregory!