Sunday, 31 August 2008

Presents for me......!

Well, my terrible Mum went and left me this weekend! She said she had to go to her friend Andy's wedding - I cannot believe that these humans were more important than me! I was horrified at the thought of being left all alone for a whole weekend, so I was pleasantly surprised when Mum's Dad turned up and gave me some of my most favouritest Spring greens, gave me some nose rubs and opened the windows to let me have some lovely cool air!

I was even more surprised when Mum came home with some post and instead of complaining that she had 'already paid that!' or 'how many pizza menus does one girl need?!', she told me that the post was for me! Knowing it was for me, I got straight to work opening the envelope:


It smelled really nice in that envelope! Mum wouldn't let me get to what was inside, so I waited until she was distracted sorting out my medicines then snaffled my little nose right in there!


It was deeeeeeeeelicious! I couldn't understand though, why such yummy food had arrived in the post with no stamp, so Mum explained that a very kind lady called Rebecca had brought it for me to try to help my teeth stop growing so long! I was amazed that a human had been so kind to me and my Mum when she had never even met us and I want to say a huge thank you to her! I have sent Mum out to the shops to get a yummy present for us to send back to Rebecca's bunnies! I'll show you it when I've wrapped it up!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Scaring Mum!

Thinking it's about time for another naughtiness tip! This one's great! This morning I decided to try and dress up as a ghostie to scare my Mum! She was sitting quietly, watching Jeremy Kyle, when all of a sudden she saw a Morrisons bag moving around! It made her jump! She really thought it was a ghost! She tried to get evidence of the ghost on her telephone, but she figured me out! It was like being in Scooby Doo!">

Since I last posted Mum has embarrassed me very much - she spent all Friday afternoon looking at me doing weeings! I was so nervous that she was watching that I couldn't do a weeing for aaaaaaaaaaaaages! But eventually I was so desperate I just couldn't help it! Mum was so pleased, she scooped it all up in a syringe and put it in a pot! 'Hurrah!', she said!


She took it straight to the vet, who was very pleased with me! They are going to look at my weeings - yukky grossness! They want to know why I am doing so many weeings, I said it was because I was doing so many drinkings, but they said this is not normal for a bunny! I was disgusted, they made me feel like a weird bunny!

Anyway, Mum was so pleased that I had weed so beautifully that she has given me lots of nose massages - I grinded my teeth to tell her how much I love this and how much I love her! Look at me here:

Friday, 22 August 2008

Been to the Vets for a sleep!

Well you wouldn't believe what's being going on with me today! Mum's been very worried this week cos I've been doing so many drinkings and weeings and yesterday I had 5 times more than I should have! I was also very quiet - like this:


So we had another visit to Jo the pretty vet! Well, I had done so much drinkings that I did a wee wee in my carrier - I thought Mum would be cross - she used to get cross when I did weeings in random places when I was a baby - but instead she cried cos she was so worried!

Jo was very nice - she gave me some gas that made me feel all woozy and I felt like I was skipping through a leafy green meadow.....

When I woke up, Mum had brought all my things - my food, my treats and my lovely unicorn lady wife! But Mum wasn't there!

I was very worried - but I ate a little bit of hay then Mum arrived to pick me up! Jo had taken a picture of my insides and stolen some of my blood!

She wanted me to do a wee, but I was saving it so I could do it in my carrier again on the way home - Mum cried again, but this time she said it was cos she was so happy I had slept so nicely and then woken up again! So no tellings off for the weeings again!

Now Mum needs some of my wee and has to give me some medicine. Here's the equipment she was given:


She looked like she didn't know what to do with it to me, and I was right.....she got some Panacur medicine on my nose!


Now I am feeling ok after my long sleep - and Mum says I will get my blood back next week! Hope there's nothing nasty lurking in there!

So, I'm back to naughtiness....I was playing with my ball, pushing it around, and I 'accidentally' knocked over my new hay rack! Hee hee!



Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Getting well presents!

Last night Mum was worried about me being so quiet after my VHD jab, so she made me my very own mini herb garden! I liked this as I live in a flat and don't have a garden! I could have munched and munched and munched and munched, but Mum said I could only visit my garden for a few minutes a day as a treat!


I felt much better after my herby treat - parlsey is my favouritest!

Today Mum said we had treats coming - some yumsy new grass cos I'm a picky bunny who won't eat Asda hay! I looked out for the postie man all day but Mum said it was coming with a curryier! I hoped it was nowt to do with curry cos curry gives Mum windy pops and I don't want any of that! Thank goodness it wasn't! I liked my new hays, but the box was the best bit!


I also like my hay bag......another place for me to try and steal food from!


I was having a lovely time sniffing my hay and playing in the box until uh oh.......


Mummy was very cross!

So I went to my fluffy pink bed and looked at the wall to show her how sorry I was!


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Poorly Bunnies and Mummies

As well as miserable weather, our house is full of miserable people today! Mum has been awake since 4am with a poorly tum and I had a jab yesterday and it's made me feel a bit off colour. And Mum is worried that I am doing so many drinkings and weeings! The vet things I might have a teeny weeny thing living in me called EC! I don't know how it got there but I certainly didn't invite it!

So, I thought I'd try and cheer Mum up by posting about some of my recent naughtinesses!

I told you earlier how I would succedd in stealing more food, and succeed I very nearly did! Mum didn't see me peeking out from behind her legs when she got me my pelletts out and I snuck in and put my head in the food bag! The food was all at the bottom of the bag though and I couldn't get it out in time before Mum pulled me away!


I'll try again though!

I also told you that food was better spread all over the floor, so here's me demonstrating this particular naughtiness!


This is me spreading the grasses!


And this is me sitting in the mess I naughtily created!

I was trying out 6 new hays and grasses cos I won't eat any cheap rubbish! Mum is cross that I chose the most expensive as my favourite! Naughty bunnies deserve to be pampered!

I hope I'm feeling well enough for more naughtinesses soon! In the meantime, have a look at Carlton Jamal writing Happy Birthday in benneh poos on his sofa! Tee Hee! I'll have to learn that trick!

Sunday, 17 August 2008


I've joined Bunspace but have no friends - surely even a naughty rabbit should have some friends?!

Be my friend at

Further tips on naughtiness!

I did me some thinkings as you could see from my last pic, and came up with some really good naughtinesses! So here's 2 more tips for all you other would be naughty buns!

7. Look scruffy - My Mum was not happy that I was sitting watching that pretty lady from Corrie on Who Wants to be a Millionaire while I had sawdust in my hair....she said it was more disgraceful cos the sawdust had wee wees on it! Ha ha!:


8. Pester your Mum to play with you! My mum was busy talking to Carlton's Mama on her computer so I decided to tickle her shoulder with my whiskers - either I want to talk to Carlton myself, or I want Mum to play with me!


This naughtiness trick worked and Mum came and played with me and my towel and my treat ball for ages!

If these tricks aren't enough for you, check out my friend Alvin in the linky winkies on the right! He went in the fridge! I'm trying that soon!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Oh boy, have I been a bad bun today!

Well, Mum says she has enough naughtiness from the boys and girls in her class at school - I don't think she appreciates me, so I thought maybe some of you nice bunny loving folks would like me to share my naughty bunnyness wiv you instead!

Well behaved bunnies are boring, so I'll start my blog with some tips on how to be a naughty naughty bun bun!

1. Stolen food tastes much better than food from Mum! Check me out wiv my pizza crust:


Mum said pizza wasn't good for buns and pinched it right back - I'll try again though and I know I'll succeed!

2. Food is much easier to eat if you throw it all over the floor instead of trying to eat from the bowl!

3. These hoomins think they're special sitting on their leather sofas - tell them who's boss by climbing right up there!:


(having evil eyes adds to the naughtiness effect!)

4: If your Mum gives you food you're not keen on, you've got to let her know about it!:


5. Hiding is a bunny's prerogative! While your mum may make you all manner of hidey holes from cardboard boxes, hiding under the clothes airer and chewing her knickerbockers is the naughty bunny's hidey hole of choice!:

(I wanted a picture of this but Mum said no knickers on t'internet!)

6. Last but not least, you've got to make sure you don't make your Mum too cross - always follow naughtiness with a nose rub - even if Mum is having a scruffy day!:


That's all for blog 1 - I've got to have rest now and think up more naughtiness - when I have I'll be back to share more! Naughty bunnies are fun bunnies!:


(This is me thinking up more naughtiness!)