Friday, 22 August 2008

Been to the Vets for a sleep!

Well you wouldn't believe what's being going on with me today! Mum's been very worried this week cos I've been doing so many drinkings and weeings and yesterday I had 5 times more than I should have! I was also very quiet - like this:


So we had another visit to Jo the pretty vet! Well, I had done so much drinkings that I did a wee wee in my carrier - I thought Mum would be cross - she used to get cross when I did weeings in random places when I was a baby - but instead she cried cos she was so worried!

Jo was very nice - she gave me some gas that made me feel all woozy and I felt like I was skipping through a leafy green meadow.....

When I woke up, Mum had brought all my things - my food, my treats and my lovely unicorn lady wife! But Mum wasn't there!

I was very worried - but I ate a little bit of hay then Mum arrived to pick me up! Jo had taken a picture of my insides and stolen some of my blood!

She wanted me to do a wee, but I was saving it so I could do it in my carrier again on the way home - Mum cried again, but this time she said it was cos she was so happy I had slept so nicely and then woken up again! So no tellings off for the weeings again!

Now Mum needs some of my wee and has to give me some medicine. Here's the equipment she was given:


She looked like she didn't know what to do with it to me, and I was right.....she got some Panacur medicine on my nose!


Now I am feeling ok after my long sleep - and Mum says I will get my blood back next week! Hope there's nothing nasty lurking in there!

So, I'm back to naughtiness....I was playing with my ball, pushing it around, and I 'accidentally' knocked over my new hay rack! Hee hee!




Carlton Jamal said...

How is your hoomin going to catch your wee wee in that little tube?! I hope they find out what's wrong by looking in your bloods. Make sure you put on a sad face for exta treats!

Alvin said...

hope you feel better soon matey... give your mummy a big hug tho she looks so scared that your poorly

Ludo van puppy said...

I hope you will be well after your vet visit gregory. Vets are pretty good they made our Faline all better when she was poorly.