Monday, 25 August 2008

Scaring Mum!

Thinking it's about time for another naughtiness tip! This one's great! This morning I decided to try and dress up as a ghostie to scare my Mum! She was sitting quietly, watching Jeremy Kyle, when all of a sudden she saw a Morrisons bag moving around! It made her jump! She really thought it was a ghost! She tried to get evidence of the ghost on her telephone, but she figured me out! It was like being in Scooby Doo!">

Since I last posted Mum has embarrassed me very much - she spent all Friday afternoon looking at me doing weeings! I was so nervous that she was watching that I couldn't do a weeing for aaaaaaaaaaaaages! But eventually I was so desperate I just couldn't help it! Mum was so pleased, she scooped it all up in a syringe and put it in a pot! 'Hurrah!', she said!


She took it straight to the vet, who was very pleased with me! They are going to look at my weeings - yukky grossness! They want to know why I am doing so many weeings, I said it was because I was doing so many drinkings, but they said this is not normal for a bunny! I was disgusted, they made me feel like a weird bunny!

Anyway, Mum was so pleased that I had weed so beautifully that she has given me lots of nose massages - I grinded my teeth to tell her how much I love this and how much I love her! Look at me here:


Alvin said...

ive had to ban pearl and mum from reading your blog.. they both got really big eyes and went awww at your ghosty impression... they only allowed to aww me!!

was ace tho :)

Louis said...

Mummy said she doesnt like ghosties!
Personally, I dont mind them but mumy said that I would tturn into a scared little girl!
How dare she?!

Louis X

Anonymous said...

Ooh, hello there, GC!! We're always up to no good, and we're doing binkies now 'cos we've found another naughty bun friend!!

We hope your weeings are ok, so we can continue swapping tips on how to terrorise the humans :D