Sunday, 31 August 2008

Presents for me......!

Well, my terrible Mum went and left me this weekend! She said she had to go to her friend Andy's wedding - I cannot believe that these humans were more important than me! I was horrified at the thought of being left all alone for a whole weekend, so I was pleasantly surprised when Mum's Dad turned up and gave me some of my most favouritest Spring greens, gave me some nose rubs and opened the windows to let me have some lovely cool air!

I was even more surprised when Mum came home with some post and instead of complaining that she had 'already paid that!' or 'how many pizza menus does one girl need?!', she told me that the post was for me! Knowing it was for me, I got straight to work opening the envelope:


It smelled really nice in that envelope! Mum wouldn't let me get to what was inside, so I waited until she was distracted sorting out my medicines then snaffled my little nose right in there!


It was deeeeeeeeelicious! I couldn't understand though, why such yummy food had arrived in the post with no stamp, so Mum explained that a very kind lady called Rebecca had brought it for me to try to help my teeth stop growing so long! I was amazed that a human had been so kind to me and my Mum when she had never even met us and I want to say a huge thank you to her! I have sent Mum out to the shops to get a yummy present for us to send back to Rebecca's bunnies! I'll show you it when I've wrapped it up!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're lucky to have such a nice lady friend! Your present looks delicious!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We just found our way to your blog! We're going to add a link from our Blog List so we can find our way back here again! (You are such a naughty little bun -- we want to keep up with your adventures!)

Alvin said...

oooooh i want post too.... *goes to wait for postyman*