Saturday, 1 November 2008

I'm now a happily married Bun!

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last much has happened!

First I paid a visit to my Mum's school and really enjoyed letting teh children stroke me and all the attention I got! I was under strict instructions not to teach them any of my naughtiness!

Then I had all my front teeth taken out - I wasn't sure it was a good idea at first but I feel so much better now they don't hurt!

And then the most recent, and most exciting, event is that I got married! Just today in fact!

Me and Mum drove 125 miles to see Lucy in Solihull and I finally got to meet my bride, Twombly! Mum has decided to change her name though, so now she is called Gretel!

We got on really well from the start!

Here we are in the carrier on the car journey home:


And this is me getting cross at Mum trying to take pictures of us in our marital bed (not all that fun since I had my bits hacked off!)


And now here is us in 'our' (yes I have to share now!) litter tray - I gave Gretel a bit of a humping to show her who's boss and now we are really snuggly together!


Hopefully Mum will be able to take better pics soon when she borrows someone's camera!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

No one wants to cuddle me.....

Goodness me it's been a long time since I posted and so much has happened! The main reason I've not posted is cos I've spent most of my time in the vets!

I was shocked to wake up there the first time to find that my beloved plums had gone - Mum said although she loves my naughtiness, weeing up the walls is a naugty step too far and without my plums I won't do this any more!

This is me recovering in my cage which Mum felt bad about having to shut me in:


I decided to get back at Mum for taking away my boy bits so I became very naughty. Here's a list of my bad deeds:

1. I pretended I had forgotten that I was litter trained and weed in a box, on the floor and funniest of all was when I weed all over Mum while she was giving me a cuddle!

2. I stopped eating and when Mum took me back to the vets they said it was because I was in pain with my teeth (I had some filed down again last week, this time in the back of my mouth) - they weighed me and I had gone from 2.1kg to 1.58kg in just one week - this scared Mum very much so I decided I had better start eating some hay and Mum has been giving me extra pellets and little bits of banana which I love!

3. When Mum got home from going to watch Leeds Rhinos then going to the pub with her friends she accidentally left my box of alfalfa chips out. When she got up in the morning, she caught me looking very guilty with the contents of the box all over the house!

All these things made Mum very cross so she let a little flea ride home on her from her infested classroom - the flea made a little house on me and made more fleas. We had to go back to the vet and Mum had to spray the whole house to kill the fleas. Now noone wants to cuddle me until teh fleas have gone because I'm a fleabag! Boo hoo!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Look at the present I made my Mum!

Seeing as Mum is worrying about me going to the vets for my op tomorrow, I decided I would make her a lovely present while she was out at work today! A beautiful necklace of poops!


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rumours of a wife for Gregory: Gregory Speaks out!

Well well, it's been a long time since I have posted as Mum has been too busy noticingthe naughtiness of her brand new class to notice my naughtiness! She says they have read my blog though and written their own animal blogs! All 60 of them inspired by me! Woo hoo!

Anyway , some of you may have heard from the rabbit forum Mum likes looking at (and hogging the computer to do so by the way!) that I will be getting a new wife soon. I can now officially confirm that this rumour is true. I have seen pictures of Twombly and she does look very pretty....but unfortunately my Mum says have to be going back to the vets on Thursday to have my bits chopped off before I can meet Twombly! I'm really not sure it's going to be worth that sacrifice....

Anyway, here's a picture of my bun to be, Twombly:


And here's one of my litter tray which Mum felt the need to email to the people who she is adopting Twombly from....I can't believe she embarrassed me by letting Twombly know that I have a pink toilet! This is something that I thought she should find out a little furthe ron in our relationship!


And last but not least, here (hopefully!) is a link to the website of the lovely rescue who have rescued Twombly for me! If you have a spare quid laying around, go and choose a bunny and give it a carrot!

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Presents for me......!

Well, my terrible Mum went and left me this weekend! She said she had to go to her friend Andy's wedding - I cannot believe that these humans were more important than me! I was horrified at the thought of being left all alone for a whole weekend, so I was pleasantly surprised when Mum's Dad turned up and gave me some of my most favouritest Spring greens, gave me some nose rubs and opened the windows to let me have some lovely cool air!

I was even more surprised when Mum came home with some post and instead of complaining that she had 'already paid that!' or 'how many pizza menus does one girl need?!', she told me that the post was for me! Knowing it was for me, I got straight to work opening the envelope:


It smelled really nice in that envelope! Mum wouldn't let me get to what was inside, so I waited until she was distracted sorting out my medicines then snaffled my little nose right in there!


It was deeeeeeeeelicious! I couldn't understand though, why such yummy food had arrived in the post with no stamp, so Mum explained that a very kind lady called Rebecca had brought it for me to try to help my teeth stop growing so long! I was amazed that a human had been so kind to me and my Mum when she had never even met us and I want to say a huge thank you to her! I have sent Mum out to the shops to get a yummy present for us to send back to Rebecca's bunnies! I'll show you it when I've wrapped it up!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Scaring Mum!

Thinking it's about time for another naughtiness tip! This one's great! This morning I decided to try and dress up as a ghostie to scare my Mum! She was sitting quietly, watching Jeremy Kyle, when all of a sudden she saw a Morrisons bag moving around! It made her jump! She really thought it was a ghost! She tried to get evidence of the ghost on her telephone, but she figured me out! It was like being in Scooby Doo!">

Since I last posted Mum has embarrassed me very much - she spent all Friday afternoon looking at me doing weeings! I was so nervous that she was watching that I couldn't do a weeing for aaaaaaaaaaaaages! But eventually I was so desperate I just couldn't help it! Mum was so pleased, she scooped it all up in a syringe and put it in a pot! 'Hurrah!', she said!


She took it straight to the vet, who was very pleased with me! They are going to look at my weeings - yukky grossness! They want to know why I am doing so many weeings, I said it was because I was doing so many drinkings, but they said this is not normal for a bunny! I was disgusted, they made me feel like a weird bunny!

Anyway, Mum was so pleased that I had weed so beautifully that she has given me lots of nose massages - I grinded my teeth to tell her how much I love this and how much I love her! Look at me here:

Friday, 22 August 2008

Been to the Vets for a sleep!

Well you wouldn't believe what's being going on with me today! Mum's been very worried this week cos I've been doing so many drinkings and weeings and yesterday I had 5 times more than I should have! I was also very quiet - like this:


So we had another visit to Jo the pretty vet! Well, I had done so much drinkings that I did a wee wee in my carrier - I thought Mum would be cross - she used to get cross when I did weeings in random places when I was a baby - but instead she cried cos she was so worried!

Jo was very nice - she gave me some gas that made me feel all woozy and I felt like I was skipping through a leafy green meadow.....

When I woke up, Mum had brought all my things - my food, my treats and my lovely unicorn lady wife! But Mum wasn't there!

I was very worried - but I ate a little bit of hay then Mum arrived to pick me up! Jo had taken a picture of my insides and stolen some of my blood!

She wanted me to do a wee, but I was saving it so I could do it in my carrier again on the way home - Mum cried again, but this time she said it was cos she was so happy I had slept so nicely and then woken up again! So no tellings off for the weeings again!

Now Mum needs some of my wee and has to give me some medicine. Here's the equipment she was given:


She looked like she didn't know what to do with it to me, and I was right.....she got some Panacur medicine on my nose!


Now I am feeling ok after my long sleep - and Mum says I will get my blood back next week! Hope there's nothing nasty lurking in there!

So, I'm back to naughtiness....I was playing with my ball, pushing it around, and I 'accidentally' knocked over my new hay rack! Hee hee!